Demystifying Program and Construction Management: We are NOT Contractors


Table of Contents

black woman in hard hat

Hey there, construction enthusiasts! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the world of construction management? When you hear “construction management,” what comes to mind? Hard hats, blueprints, and bustling construction sites, right?  If I ask your thoughts on Project Management, do you automatically think IT? How about Program Management? What comes to mind now? 

Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through the realm of program and construction management with a side of wit and humor. At Brewington Management Company, we’re not your average contractors – we’re the brains behind the brawn, the wizards of workflow, and the maestros of management.

What Do We Do?

So, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking, “If they’re not swinging hammers, what in the world do they do?” Excellent question! While construction companies are out there getting their hands dirty with physical building activities, we’re the ones orchestrating the entire operation. From project planning and budgeting to herding contractors and ensuring project goals are met, we’re the conductors of the construction orchestra, ensuring every instrument plays in perfect harmony.

Construction Management vs. Project Management

Ah, the age-old debate – construction manager vs. project manager. Some envision construction managers as the folks on-site getting down and dirty, while project managers are chilling in a suit and tie at corporate HQ. But here’s the kicker – we blur those lines a bit. With a secret weapon of managers who’ve worked for contractors, we bring a unique edge to the table. We believe there’s no substitute for on-the-ground experience when it comes to managing a construction site. From writing scopes to managing subcontractors, our team knows the drill – pun totally intended!

Program Management

Now, let’s talk about the big leagues – program management. Imagine a project manager on steroids, overseeing multiple projects or massive, complicated endeavors. These are the masterminds behind everything from safety and risk management to contract administration and project planning. It’s like playing chess while juggling flaming torches – challenging but oh-so-rewarding!

Who Do We Work For

Ah, the million-dollar question – who foots the bill? Who pays the piper? We’re as flexible as a gymnast on a trampoline – we can work for the contractor or the owner. Sometimes, companies need a little extra expertise to fill gaps in their workforce or need experienced technical professionals, and that’s where we shine. Whether we’re reading the road map as construction/project managers or taking in the aerial view as program managers, we’re here to ensure every project reaches its full potential.

Parting Thoughts

And there you have it – a sneak peek into the wild and wonderful world of program and construction management. At Brewington Management Company, we’re not just managing projects; we’re orchestrating symphonies of success. So, the next time you spot us in our hard hats and safety vests, remember – we’re not contractors; we’re the masterminds behind the magic. We’re the great Oz behind the curtain. 

Oh, and if one of us happens to hit the Powerball, rest assured – our project records and documentation are in tip-top shape!