The Brewington Legacy

A Journey of Education, Values, & Entrepreneurship

Brewington Management Company embodies the enduring spirit of education, values, and entrepreneurship that defined our family’s legacy. Our heritage converges with an unwavering commitment to excellence, drawing inspiration from the remarkable journey of Ethel and Daniel Brewington, African American trailblazers who triumphed over the challenges of their era to champion education. Welcome to a company where their legacy lives on in every project we undertake.


Danielle C. Gittens

Danielle C. Gittens is the founder and President of Brewington Management Company, LLC, a woman/minority-owned Construction Management Company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. With over twenty years of experience in management consulting and project management, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills.

Danielle has managed a variety of institutional, federal, and state construction projects, including the University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center, University of Maryland Capital Region Health Medical Group at National Harbor, and University of Maryland Laurel Medical Center. She holds a Professional Engineers License in Civil Engineering, Construction, and has a strong educational background in Civil Engineering–Construction Management from the University of Maryland.

As the Owner and President, Danielle’s vision for Brewington Management Company centers on providing outstanding customer service and exceeding client expectations in project design and management, emphasizing client satisfaction and excellence in every aspect of their work.

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Education as a Catalyst
for Transformation

Ethel and Daniel, Coppin State University graduates, earned Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Maryland College Park. Progressing from elementary school teachers to esteemed Principals in the Baltimore City Public School System, they emphasized education as a fundamental key to success.


The Brewington legacy is built on core values—Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, and Family. These principles have been the guiding force for our family and now serve as the foundation for Brewington Management Company, where we continue to honor their enduring commitment to these values in every aspect of our work.


Entrepreneurship flows through our family’s veins, with many cousins owning and operating businesses. Inspired by this spirit, our founder aspired to own and operate a construction industry firm from a young age, recognizing the importance of mentorship and role models in the entrepreneurial journey.