Brewing Success: The Journey from Concrete Dreams to Brewington Management Company


Danielle Gittens, the fearless mind behind Brewington Management Company (BMC), didn't just build a business; she orchestrated a symphony of success in a realm dominated by men, hard hats, and deadlines

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Danielle and her grandads


In the vast concrete jungle of construction and project management, one woman dared to dream beyond the blueprints and nail guns. Danielle Gittens, the fearless mind behind Brewington Management Company (BMC), didn’t just build a business; she orchestrated a symphony of success in a realm dominated by men, hard hats, and deadlines. Buckle up, because this isn’t your average construction story – it’s a tale of determination, humor, and the birth of BMC.

A Vision Takes Shape

Once upon a time (well, after graduating from the University of Maryland College Park), Danielle realized a crucial truth – to manage construction, you’ve got to understand it. So, she set off on a quest for a construction company with a stellar project management rotation program. Why? Because learning the ropes in estimating, scheduling, safety, and even claims handling was her ticket to mastering the art of construction management.

Dreams of Paris and the romance of working in the French construction industry danced in her head, but fate had other plans. At a chilly Christmas party, the seed of entrepreneurship sprouted. Danielle, in her infinite wisdom (or perhaps a touch of holiday spirit), shared her vision of owning a construction company. Little did she know that this festive declaration would lead to the birth of Brewington Management Company, turning a winter night’s dream into a reality.

The Catalyst for Change

As BMC navigated the world of construction projects, Danielle crafted her unique style of management – a style that dives deep into the project’s “weeds.” Because let’s face it, effective project management doesn’t happen from a distance. It’s a hands-on, dirt-under-your-fingernails kind of commitment to knowing every nook and cranny of the project.

But why the shift from general contracting to Brewington’s special brand of management? Well, as BMC managed projects for various contractors, a glaring gap emerged. Project owners were often left without a dedicated champion, someone to fight for their best interests. And thus, the spark ignited – BMC wasn’t just about managing construction; it was about being the owner’s unwavering advocate in the chaotic world of projects.

A Commitment to Excellence

From federal projects to healthcare and commercial ventures, BMC’s journey became a tapestry of excellence woven with threads of honesty, integrity, commitment, excellence, and a touch of family spirit. Danielle’s founding principles weren’t just a list on paper; they were the guiding stars steering BMC toward a commitment to delivering the best.

Understanding Construction, Mastering Management

Danielle’s belief was clear – effective construction management requires a boots-on-the-ground understanding of the construction process. BMC wasn’t satisfied with just managing projects; they immersed themselves in the nitty-gritty – from design reviews to quality control. Because, at BMC, aligning with the highest industry standards wasn’t just a goal; it was the very essence of what they did.

Empowering Clients, Building Careers

Success for BMC wasn’t just about completing projects; it was about empowering clients and fostering fulfilling careers. In the world of construction, where each nail matters, Danielle created an employee-centric culture. Happy and skilled professionals weren’t just cogs in the wheel; they were the architects of BMC’s success story.

And here’s the secret ingredient that sets BMC apart – the team’s ability to straddle both sides of the fence. Having staff with experience on the contractor’s side isn’t just a skill; it’s a Brewington superpower. The commitment to coaching and guiding staff to their best selves, coupled with an ongoing partnership with general contractors, creates a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.


In the grand narrative of construction management, Brewington Management Company isn’t just a player; it’s the maestro orchestrating a symphony of success. Danielle Gittens’ vision wasn’t just a blueprint; it was a comedy of errors, a tale of triumphs, and a testament to the magic that happens when you blend determination with a splash of humor.

As BMC continues to thrive, Danielle’s journey stands as a testament to the fact that success isn’t just about bricks and mortar – it’s about dreams taking flight in a world where laughter, dedication, and a touch of personality can turn concrete dreams into Brewington realities.