BWI D/E Baggage System and Claim Improvements


W.M Schlosser Company

Started: June 2008
Ended: August 2010

Project Value

Services Provided
Construction Management

Maryland, MD

Brewington Management Company provided Construction Management Services to the W.M Schlosser Co. Construction Management services of trades included work in Architectural Finishes Division 5, 6, 9,10 and 14, project engineers, supervision, and administrative support in strict accordance with the project requirements.

The project involves the construction of a new building to house a new baggage handling system at Terminal 13 and 14 at the BWI Airport. This includes a new outbound baggage handling system for Air Tran Airways, and 2 inbound baggage handling systems. When completed, the new baggage handling system will be capable of handling 1800 bags per hour.