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A rendering of the view as you arrive at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitors Center

New Range at Gunpowder Military Reservation in Maryland

Brewington Management Company is providing Construction Management Services to the W.M. Schlosser Company to build a Superimposed Pistol/Military Police Range at the Gunpowder Military Reservation for the Maryland National Guard.


This design-build project is to construct a Fully Baffled, Superimposed Stationary Target Combat Pistol/Military Police Qualification Range and Automated Target Combat Pistol and Military Police Qualification Range Complex. The project also includes the expansion of the existing pistol range into a 10 Meter/25 Meter zero rifle range complex at the Maryland Army National Guard’s Training Site. The project overlays an existing range with a fully baffled structure. The intent is to construct a combined pistol range that will support a 25 Meter Stationary Target Combat Pistol Qualification Range and a 31 meter Automated Target Military Police Combat Pistol Qualification Range.


The Maryland Army National Guard hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the Pistol/Shotgun Range at Gunpowder Military Reservation in Glenn Arm, MD on May 6, 2016.

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitors Center

The high profile $13.9 Million Dollar Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitors Center consists of construction of several new buildings on a 17.3 acre site. There are four new structures: An Exhibit Building; an Administration Building; a Storage Garage; and a Picnic Pavilion. Brewington Management Company was contracted by the W.M. Schlosser Company to provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management Services including material testing and providing LEED services. We are also providing Safety Management.


Major trades involved include: excavation and utilities; pavement; landscaping; cast-in-place concrete; masonry; structural steel and miscellaneous metals; carpentry and millwork; metal wall panels and siding; roofing; curtain walls; drywall and acoustical; painting; fountains; HVAC and plumbing; sprinkler; and electrical.

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